Our 20-day Virtual PSF accountability-challenge will give you the perfect motivation to have a SCULPTED SEPTEMBER!

Rockstar status is of course completing Virtual PSF workouts EVERY DAY during the 20-day challenge HOWEVER we think a minimum of 16 days is pretty spectacular too! Got a busy schedule? Perfect! Virtual PSF is super convenient and accessible…remember consistency is key!

WHEN: September 7th – 26th
COST: Unlike most other studios, our challenge (and it’s accompanying killer nutrition & motivation!) is completely FREE to Virtual PSF subscribers!

ALL 20 DAYS: FALLing into Fabulous
18-19 DAYS: Awesome in Autumn
16-17 DAYS: Pumpkin Spiced Sculptors

Complete a Virtual PSF workout and leave a quick comment for your “attendance” to be recorded! We count comments on saved IGTV videos by day 12:00am-11:59pm.

REMEMBER! We will ONLY keep track of post-workout comments on the saved IGTV workout videos (will NOT be counting LIKES so make sure to comment…your comment can be anything…at a loss?…use an emoji!)
Again, we record for that DAY so if you do ‘yesterday’s workout’ the following morning, you get ‘credit’ for when you did the workout and NOT when we posted the workout (i.e. you do Monday’s workout on Tuesday morning, you get credit for Tuesday)

CAN I COMMENT DURING THE LIVE WORKOUT? Sure! …but it WON’T count…the LIVE comments are only visible during the workout and I am busy….well…teaching & working out So when it’s over, either (1) send that pic -OR- (2) comment once the saved video uploads

IF I POST OR SEND YOU A PHOTO DOES THAT COUNT? PLEASE continue to post and tag us as well as send us photos, BUT for the challenge recording ONLY comments on saved IGTV workouts are counted!

DO IN-PERSON PSF CLASSES COUNT? Of course! So check the PSF app & sign-up – we will automatically mark you down after class BUT it is also SUPER AWESOME to comment on the video of the workout you attended. Remember, Virtual PSF workouts do NOT count towards our in-studio challenge.

Start by saving our BONUS Challenge Tracking Card to your phone & posting it!

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