We put together some faves to add to your list for Santa or as gift ideas for your favorite fit friends!

  1. HUM Immunity Kit – Are vitamins are the perfect solution to bad habits? Well they definitely beat doing nothing proactive…snatch this winter set ASAP!
  2. Aviator Nation Hoodies – Pricey? Yes… Comfy? Majorly… Worth it? Maybe…but they are damn cute. Go for the 5-stripe.
  3. ON Running Shoes – Mostly minimalist and majorly cushioned, these bad boys are all the rage…and not just for running!
  4. Athleta Lace – Fall into the eyelet trend with some fancy-shmancy workout lace…but please forego the pearls!
  5. Haute Shore Tennis Bag – You love these totes and crossbodys so splurge on a new bag to bring to the court! (for the record I suck at tennis)
  6. Bala Bangles – Give in to the Bala craze…only because now they are on sale! Go for the 2lbs!
  7. Spiritual Gangster Muscle Tanks – Sayings on tanks are so 2019 (or something like that) but somehow these inspirational options are perfect for showing off those arms.
  8. Goorin Bros. Trucker Hats – With a whole “farm” of designs, these sunblockers are also uber practical.
  9. Goldsheep Leggings – Girl…you deserve a little FUN! Get kitsch and pick out a pair that will get you noticed.
  10. Lululemon Yoga Cushions – These little guys are just what we need under our knees for all those donkey kicks!
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