Trying to figure out what exercise equipment you need for Virtual PSF? Many of our workouts use no equipment but here are our top recommendations based on what is used the most during Virtual PSF workouts.

You don’t need big machines or bulky equipment – use your body as your MAIN mode of resistance and you’ll always see the biggest results!

  1. 1. BOSU ($159.99 – Amazon)
    We choose the PRO trainer because you will use it A LOT!

2. Playground Ball ($9.99 – Amazon)
This super inexpensive ball works awesome! …but almost any 8-9 inch ball will do!

3. Workout Mat ($32.95-$42.95 – Perform Better)
We like the Perform Better mats because they hang and come in a variety of lengths. They are 8mm thick so if you had jump and land on one, it has some shock absorption but doesn’t feel to spongey or super awkward. You want to find something non-slip and ideally, anti-microbial. The mat should also NOT absorb water (or sweat!) otherwise it will deteriorate quickly. Make sure you pick a mat that is a good length for you – we’ve used 48-54 inches. Also, think about where you will be storing your mat – rolling up a sweaty mat isn’t recommended. On that note, yoga mats are great for YOGA, but we are talking a workout suitable for most Virtual PSF workouts.

4. Resistance Tubes ($14.98-$15.98 – Spri)
We’ve tried many resistance bands and always come back to these Xertubes! We use the yellow and green versions.

5. Coreball ($65.99 – Perform Better)
We use an 8lb coreball – you can also find them at Amazon (Xerball – it is larger in diameter).

6. Dumbbells ($12.99-$32.69 – Amazon)
We order vinyl dumbbells however shipping can be quite pricey. So figure out which option in the end will be least expensive as they are very similar! You can also use all metal, rubber, etc. dumbbells – we just like the vinyl covered.

7. Booty Band ($14.97 – Amazon)
If you go for the booty band, we love the ‘small’ red size the best

8. Gliders ($16.00 – Power Systems)
Make sure to choose the version that works for you – hardwood or carpet!

Now…if you want to take it above and beyond our typical repertoire of equipment, these BONUS add-ons are always useful!

  1. Round Yoga Mat ($79.98) …because who doesn’t love a HUGE circular yoga mat?!?! It’s so extra…& so socially distant!
  2. Body Bars ($56.99) We love the original in 12lb and 15lb but Amazon has a great dupe!
  3. Booty Kicker ($99.99) I thought about installing a ballet barre in my home gym but this is WAY better…it’s smaller & folds out of the way (TIP: weigh it down with HEAVY dumbbells on the rack & it will never tip over!)
  4. Pilates Ring/Circle ($17.95) Can we say “inner thighs on fire?” Add this sucker to all your barre moves…oh and core & even arm workouts too!
  5. TRX System ($229.95) Get the home system and if you can’t install in the ceiling with enough room to back up, use the door hanger!
  6. Yoga Block ($24.00) Get a heavier cork version so you can use it as a platform to up the intensity, for balance, as well as to help with range of motion.
  7. Foam Roller ($16.99) I recommend a longer version so you can really roll-it-out! Plus try some abs, dips & push-ups on it!
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